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Things you should do when your Child start to Obey you
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Things you should do when your Child start to Obey you

When children move into their preteen years, they increasingly distinguish between rules and obey the ones they think are fair. One of the most profitable forms to support parents’ legality is to treat children equitably.

Parents usually try to make their children relent with rules via punishments, but in our study, parental conventions of procedural justice expected keeping more intensely than did punishments. Procedural justice practices include allowing children to give their side of the story, explaining to them why they are being criticized, and speaking well.

The study evaluated various groups of 697 Brazilian 11 to 13-year-olds once a year for three years. Disciplinary practices were organized into productive routines and harsh techniques. Harsh methods grew noncompliance, perhaps because they reduced sensed parental legality. In other words, when parents punish their children harshly, instead of encouraging obedience, it makes the parents look less conceivable.

This study also permitted children to distinguish between cases. It is confirmed that as children grow, they distinguish between parts over which parents have control and give more legality to issues of safety and ethics than to points of tradition or personal choice. 

In the study, the children were raised with ten common family rules and asked if it was fair for their parents to have that rule. The issues with the highest legality across all three years were essence use and truth-telling. The issues that dropped the most in legality were media use, curfews, homework, and dating. And the strongest visionary of individual obedience was issue-specific legality. Therefore, children followed the rules over which they believed their parents had honest power.

The study also asked about parents’ international legality, in other words, whether children believed their parents had the right to make the rules and whether they charged their parents to make the right conclusions. Youth’s evaluations of international legality also extremely expected their obedience.

An earlier study has shown that leaders with high levels of procedural justice are generally legitimized. In other words, if your children think you are a fair justice, he or they may obey you because he or they see you as a fair leader formation. Yet, harsh disciplinary methods may reverse for the same logic. Rather than producing a healthy fear, they may unintentionally damage parental legality.

Every parent should follow them:

  • Avoid harsh discipline because it manages to reverse in a long time.
  • Accentuate procedural judge (hear youth’s perspective, be polite, explain).
  • Stick to topics of ethics and security – it may be a losing fight to execute other powers

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