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Right Time For Your Kids to Access Social Media
Parenting MilkywayBlogs 11-Jan-2022 Comments (7) 9

Right Time For Your Kids to Access Social Media

Nowadays, people majorly use social media platforms as it helps them to stay connected with their family, friends, and loved ones. It also keeps us well-informed and entertained. However, like other things, social media also has its own backdrops, and bad influences, like threats to privacy and others. But it has become a craze that is quite evident across different age groups, especially growing children and teenagers. These days, kids pressurize their elders to get them a personal phone to access social media and use it without restrictions.

Now, there are many questions like, is it OK to allow kids to use social media platforms? If yes, then what should be the right time for kids to access social media?

Some guardians argue that children over the age of eight years should be allowed to access social media, but some other parents believe that kids should not be allowed to access social media before they turn age of 15. It is important that parents should keep a regular check on the social media habits of their children. It is also most important to monitor what their kids are scrolling through social media.

The Right Age to Allow Kids to Use Social Media

Parents should allow their kids to access social media platforms when they reach their maturity stage. And after all, when your kid has agreed upon the rules that they need to follow during screen time. It is the perfect time to let your kid use social media.

When kids start exploring the online world, their parents should keep watching what their children are doing, to whom they are interacting, and other things. Besides these, parents should tell and educate their kids about hygiene and the importance of social media in today’s world.

Meanwhile, a recent survey conducted stated that nowadays kids get their personal mobile phones when they turn 10.3 and create an account on Social Media at the average age of 11.4.

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