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Let’s Reduce Food Wastage: Fun Ways to Teach Kids Not To Waste Food
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Let’s Reduce Food Wastage: Fun Ways to Teach Kids Not To Waste Food

As per the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization), nearly one-third of the produced food is lost and wasted globally, which amounts is 1.3 billion tons per year. They define that the wasted food can be fit for the consumption of retails and consumer levels. Vegetables and fruits (mainly tubers and roots) have the highest rate of wastage food. And if this happens further in the future, nearly 821 million people across the world will go hungry every day, according to the Food and Agricultural Organization.

So, it is very important that we have to become more conscious about food how much we cook, eat, and waste. It is the first need to reduce food wastage at the household level, today and every day.

Innovative Ways To Teach Kids About Food Wastage

Does your kid like to lick only a creamy layer of biscuits and sandwiches, and rest dump in the bin? Or empty an unfinished lunch box by dumping the lunch in the trash to escape your scolding? 

So, here we are giving you seven ingenious ways that can you teach your kid not to waste the food:

1. Menu Planning, Together

It is one of the interesting activities that loves every member of the family. At weekend, you can have a discussion with family and design a weekly menu. It will help you to understand the food choices of your child and explain to him/her the disadvantages of bad food. You can also suggest healthier food alternatives. 

2. Grocery Shopping For Food with Family

Ask your kid to check the refrigerator once, before storing the new stock of food. Also, involve kids in writing up shopping lists for groceries. Choose more items that you can use for different dishes. While shopping for food groceries, teach your child to check given information (ingredients, etc) and read food labels. It helps your child understand what exactly is found in meals made at home. Put your kid in charge of the shopping for food and together shop only what you need.

3. Recess Before Meals

There are many research and studies done on how children eat healthier food if there is an activity or break before a meal. A research paper in the year 2014, published in Preventive Medicine said that children in the school eat more vegetables and fruit if there is time for recess before lunch. Researchers have noted that students in a school consumed more vegetables and fruits (up by 54 percent). If there is a sport or activity added before a meal, then children drink more water or milk, waste less food, and positively in the playground or classroom. So, you can inculcate the same practice at home, for better results!

4. Handling Leftovers and Food Wastage

You can start a healthy competition activity in your family to see who wastes minimum food and reward the winner. This way will help you to produce minimum trash and encourage mindful eating in your family. You should also check the garbage bin or trash to find out what and how much food is wasted most often, on a regular basis. It could help you best figure out what and how much the things to buy, during grocery shopping. 

With your child’s active participation, you could create a new dish as a leftover. But do remember that leftovers can become a meal for the needy. If, after a birthday party, get-together, or other occasions, there is left a large amount of uneaten food at your place, you could donate it to any  NGO (non-governmental organization) and they will re-distribute it to the needy. You can also share excess food with your neighbor and give leftovers to the security guard, domestic helpers, etc.

Final Words

It is important to become responsible about that food, as a parent and as a civic-minded citizen. You should have to teach your child the importance of food and let him/her know why it is important to eat up and finish everything given on her plate. Hence, you need to deal with food waste, as a family.

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