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Set of Five Skills That Teens Need To Have in Their Life
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Set of Five Skills That Teens Need To Have in Their Life

Parents need their children to become successful in their life. It does not mean just having a good job with a good income, but it is all about being happy. All parents wonder how to make it happen.

Is less about extracurricular activities and grades, but more about the core skill set that helps people to navigate inevitable challenges in life. These skills come under the call executive functional skills that are used for self-regulation. The people who are happy and successful in their life have a strong set of executive function skills.

Encourage These Five Important Core Skills in Your Children

⦿ Planning: Being able to carry out concrete plans and goals.

⦿ Focus: Ability to concentrate on important tasks at the given time.

⦿ Self-control: Control on responding to emotions and stressful situations.

⦿ Awareness: Not just noticing the situation and people around us, but understanding how we can fit into it.

⦿ Flexibility: Having the ability to adapt to changing situations.

These are the important skills that children and teens can learn in their lifetimes. Two time periods that are important to learn such skills are: 

1. Early Childhood (Ages 3 to 5), and

2. Adolescence/Early Adulthood (Ages 13 to 26)

During these times, learning and using such skills helps to set children up for success in their life. In this post, we’ll talk about that second window of adolescence. The best way to learn these skills is actually to do it. 

Do not get too rigid about the schedule of your teen child. Help them to figure out the things that can be postponed or missed, good or bad. Encourage spontaneity. This is also about learning to ignore or prioritize things and not getting stuck into routines.

You should try to be a role model. For this be spontaneous to yourself and do not get too upset while changing the planning. Make your new plans over them.

Any time your child does something, there may be a reasonable chance that they can fail. Try to resist the urge to make them jump in right away. While it is important to always take the back of your child. Give them a chance to find out for themselves before offering help. They might surprise you!

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