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Handy Tips to Beat Exams Stress – Calm Down and Study
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Handy Tips to Beat Exams Stress – Calm Down and Study

In today’s world, exam-time creates a sucked environment altogether. It affects everyone, from students to parents, and the reason behind it is the comparison and competition.

In such a situation, parents come up with stress by thinking about their social status, and their innocent kids being under stress by seeing parents going through such a phase. Along with it, school pressure and peer pressure make such situations worse.

Exam fear is a common thing that develops in every student during exams. Though it is not unusual but may have a negative effect when students are about to write exams. The main reason behind this pressure and stress are teachers and parents.

Fear usually develops stress that leads to anxiety and depression. It lets students perform badly in exams.

Best Tips to Overcome Exam Fear & Reduce Stress:

  • Start Early Revision

Never keep revising for long hours every day. Start your revision two or three days before exams. A night prior to the exam, students should relax and try to meditate. It helps them to be calm. Just take an overview of equations and formulas, a day before the exam.

  • Make Your Timetable

Indian students are generally being compared to others by their own parents and society. Thus, everyone should understand that individuals are different, so each should make their own personal timetable or day-routine of study hours as per their own potential.

  • Chart A Plan

Planning out things is always good and better. During exams, flow charts are the best way to understand subjects. This way helps you to prepare each subject systematically, and keep it in your mind for years.

  • Allocate Breaks Timely

Continuous study for long hours is tiring and bad for one’s health. So, it is important to relax the body by taking a break after a working hour. It needs to rejuvenate the body by stretching and drinking juice during/water.

  • Take Proper Sleep

During school days, it is necessary to take 8 to 9 hours of sleep to relax the mind and body. For this, you should reschedule your timetable and create a balance that minimizes negative effects on your health.

  • Focus on Notes

While revising the chapter, focus more on important date’s notes. These notes can help you better in preparing for the final revision. They are also effective to make answers effective and rich in content.

  • Use Highlighters

In exams, using a highlighter gives a good impression to the examiner and helps him to understand your knowledge. Also, a highlighter helps during the exam preparation by helping you remember important points and aspects of a particular subject.

  • Make Headings & Subheadings

While answering during the exam, mostly use heads and subheads to make your answer impactful. It gives a good impression to the examiner that makes your answer neat and understandable for the examiner. Also, make use of paragraphs while writing your answer. It helps to avoid confusion and provides information in sequence.

Feeling Good?

I hope so! You can deploy the above-mentioned tips to reduce your stress during exams and perform better. Wishing you all the very best for your exams and success in your studies. Always remember, a stressed and feared mind cannot lead anyone to success. So be calm, and keep studying for your exams successfully.

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