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Educate Children To Save Them From Child Labour and Poverty
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Educate Children To Save Them From Child Labour and Poverty

The pandemic due to Covid-19 has passed on with a heavy blow to the children’s education in India. The Right to Education Act declared in 2009 guarantees compulsory and free education to kids in India. But we have failed to ensure qualitative education for the children of our country. As the income of parents is dwindling during the pandemic, kids come to earn money for the survival of their families. On the other side, education in India has become a luxury for the children of migrant daily workers. 

Recently, in Tamil Nadu, Virudhunagar, a student sought help from the district collector. His college was trying to expel him for the reason he was not attending his online classes. The boy told the incident through the newspaper and went to Tiruppur where he was working in a printing factory. He had no smartphone and money to buy the phone. A probe shows that this was not an isolated case. Many children had ended up working in industrial units, and due to this stayed away from their lectures regularly.

As per the report of the National Survey Sample Office, 2017-18, it is revealed that only 10.7% of Indians have their own computers and laptops whereas only 23.8% of people know to access the internet. Buying laptops, smartphones, and internet packs are not important for parents struggling to make the ends meet. A recent survey has shown that nearly one lakh students identified as OSC (Out of School Children) in Tamilnadu, across four districts. The department of education is currently implementing the pilot project to bring students back to schools and colleges. The project runs under the Samagra Shiksha of the Central government has unwrapped misfortune’s gravity. 28,774 children have now been admitted back into the schools. But nearly two-thirds of the total are yet to return to school. The government officials are making a serious effort to reach out to them through door-to-door surveys and intervention.

We all have a responsibility to create a society where all children have the source to get an education. Bringing children back to schools and education is the priority and collective responsibility of the state government as well as central governments to save children from penury.

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