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Know how Teachers Can Encourage Physical Activity In Kids
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Know how Teachers Can Encourage Physical Activity In Kids

These days, most kids are stuck to their parent’s mobile phones tabs or laptops for gaming, watching cartoons, etc. This habit of kids has been hampering their physical growth a lot! They are hindering their physical growth even more! The worst has happened due to a going pandemic, to protect the kids from the deadly diseases, they are confined to homes and their mode of studies and relaxation have got 100%  dependent on mobiles, tabs and laptops. So with so many things to do, teachers must be puzzled about how to teach things like an exercise in the mind of their students. Because however smartly you try to organise online classes, there are always some limitations compared to real schooling.

Today let us understand how teachers can encourage physical activities in students.

• Teachers can talk to the students about the benefits of physical activities. To make them understand better, they can even share some examples of sports personalities who have achieved success since a young age.

• Before starting every class, teachers can introduce small activities like standing up and clapping, making a small dance move from their respective places. Doing these not only children will have a little bit of physical activity, but it will also stimulate their brains, lessen their boredom and refresh their minds. Enhancing their concentration towards studies

• Teachers can introduce a yoga period because yoga doesn’t need much space and can be done at home. To avoid any risk, teachers can teach only simple asanas

• Due to the pandemic, making kids participate in sports or other physical activities from their homes is difficult. Teachers can organise small competitions like dance competitions, yoga asanas competitions etc. It should be a competition because that will encourage kids to prepare themselves, thus promoting physical activity

• Ask students to make a small diary and tell them to write all the physical games and exercises they do at home. It also introduces a reward system. For example, the student who has been physically active the whole month gets a surprise reward!  The reward system will encourage students to take up the physical activity challenge seriously

• Talk to their parents; besides teachers, the students spend most of their time with their parents. Teachers should talk to the parents and explain the benefits their kids will have due to physical activity. Ask the parents to motivate them in this task as they motivate for their studies

• Give students simple ideas to stay physically active. If they are going out, ask them to use the staircase. Ask them to clean their rooms or help their parents with kitchen work. This will not only help them stay active, but they will also learn something new

So, teachers, we hope this idea will help you motivate your students to stay active. At the same time with such activities students will also love your class and you, even more, a cherry on the cake! Isn’t it?

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