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Fun Activities that Make Your Kids Learn During Play
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Fun Activities that Make Your Kids Learn During Play

With growing schools in every city, it has become easy for every parent to teach their kids and make a better person to compete for the world outside. But the pandemic conditions for almost the last two years have made the traditional schooling method difficult; kids are home for many months. Classes happen online. And when your kid is just a starter in the school, it’s even more difficult for them to adjust in an online classroom environment because they have never been introduced to a classroom, interacting with others, listening to the teachers etc. In such cases learning a few tricks that will help. Your kid learns something while they play a wise option.

Lets us get to understand such simple activities that will help kids learn while they play.

• The Alphabet Game

This is a fun activity for children. Send them to adventure games and let them learn the alphabet while having fun.

You will need:




Method: Give your child a camera to shoot objects from A to Z. Tell them to collect photos of ants, apples, biscuits, cats, etc.

Outcome: This activity will help your kids connect pictures with objects while training their vocabulary in a cool way.

 Number Game

Your child may never think that they are doing more than counting.

You need:

11 paper cups

Fifty-five small parts (coins, beads, screws, cotton balls, etc.).


Method: Write numbers between 0 and 10 on each cup. Stir them and let your kid arrange the glasses from small to large. Show 55 objects to your little one. Tell them to see the number on each cup and place the same number of items in each cup. Ask your kid to count out loud as they do this. After the counting is completed, put the objects out of the glasses and let the kid check whether the number of objects matches.

What children will learn: In this activity, they will learn basic numbers and how to count.

• Word Game

Kids like to play guessing games. This is one such activity.

You will need:

 A spelling list

A marker

eighty index cards

How to: You can select the spellings primarily based on your kids age and vocabulary. Ask your kid to put the index cards face-down, in a row, at the table. Then tell them to turn in a card, ask them to see the spelling and read it aloud. Then, they ask them to turn in any other card and read that aloud. However, if the two cards aren’t a match, they will need to keep those cards again, face-down. Repeat this till all of the cards were matched.

What kids learn: Your kids discover ways to sight spellings; this will make their vocabulary and reading strong.

• Know The Weather

Kids are always excited about the weather. By doing this activity and you will soon have a meteorologist.

You will need:

Blank calendar

Sketch Pens

Directions: Write the name of the month at the top, and then while starting with the calendar, note the month’s name at the top and then send the box with the day of the month to your child. Make sure there is enough space in the box for a small photo. Keep the calendar where the kid can see it. Take a moment to talk to your kid about the weather. Hang it on the window and let them decide whether the weather denotes summer, winter, rains or autumn. Now make a drawing of the weather in these boxes and write it down; for example, the sun represents sunlight, clouds represent rain, stars represent snow, etc. At the end of the month, ask your child to count the days and also ask 

them the weather they noticed all through the month.

Once your kid gets used to it, they can spend two months comparing the weather and making some predictions for the next few months.

What kids learn: You will learn about seasons, weather, calendars, days, weeks, and months. They can also learn how to organize data.

This exercise is adapted from the game Put the tail on the donkey. Through this fun educational game, your child will know the world map and the names of the continents.

 You will need:

a sheet of paper

a marker pen

 blindfolded scissors

torn pieces of paper  


How to: Draw a world map on a large piece of paper with the seven continents and their names. It need not be detailed. Hang it somewhere and give your kid a piece of paper in the shape of an aeroplane. Let them write their own name on it, write the name of each continent on a few small pieces of paper, and put them in a bowl. Let your child choose one piece. Let them visualize the continent they have choosen. Now rotate them and blindfold the kid, and make them stand in front of—the map. Your child should attach the plane to the name of the continent of their choice. This will slowly make them learn about various continents and countries.

We hope you like the simple tricks we shared with you and try to implement them while trying to engage your kid in learning and to play both at the same time.

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