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Artificial Information Can Predict Your Child’s Academic Performances
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Artificial Information Can Predict Your Child’s Academic Performances

In today’s digital world, children are surrounded by Artificial Intelligence. With such cutting-edge technologies, parents do not need to ask teachers how their kid’s study performance is. By tracing their tweets and social media posts, you can know it well. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help you in the future to gauge whether your kid will make such things big in the coming time or not.

 In Russia, a team of researchers made and used AI-based tools to predict the future of students. AI used social media posts to know about high academic achievers. This Russian study has traced 4,400 student’s career paths related to 42 Russian regions.

The AI prediction tools and models used an advanced mathematical textual analysis program. It works based on registers or the user’s vocabulary, symbols, characters, posts, and word length. In this process, each word has its rating which is a kind of IQ.

Scientific topics, cultural topics, words, and posts generally rank higher which serve as the indicators of good performance in academics.

In the same way, an abundance of words, emojis, whole phrases, which are specially written in capital letters, horoscopes related to vocabulary, military, and driving service indicate lower grades.

“Since this kind of data, in combination with digital traces, is difficult to obtain, it is rarely used,” said Smirnov.

This dataset helps to develop a reliable model to proceed with other settings.

“And the results can be extrapolated to all other students — high school students and middle school students,” reported by EPJ Data Science journal.

Researchers said it is important that the model worked successfully. They used datasets based on different social media platforms like VK (Russian social networking and online social media service) and Twitter. They proved it to be effective in various contexts.

Additionally, the AI model also can be used to predict different characteristics, from academic performance to depression or income. The study includes data of student’s accounts of VK and 3,483 students of whole students consented to provide their information for the research.

In research and study, AI & ML represents the performance based on VK posts. It was combined with a simple supervised Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning model. It was trained with the individual position and taught the world to predict the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA) scores.

Publicly viewable posts and VK pages were used for training samples. It includes the total number of 130,575 posts over 2,468 subjects, who took the PISA test. This test allowed researchers to assess the academic aptitude of students and the ability to apply knowledge for the practice.

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